Why You Should Visit Amsterdam for a Weekend Getaway

Have you heard of this saying,” The good men go to heaven while the bad boys head to Amsterdam. Well, Amsterdam is known to be one of the most popular and an intriguing city. Being the capital city of Netherlands, it draws millions of tourists across the world. There is so much ...Read More

The Key to an Unforgettable Luxury Hotel Experience

Ecstatic rooms, lush green gardens, open terraces and multi-cuisine food layout- well, all this definitely sounds luxurious but, these are not the factors which provide the distinguishing edge to a luxury hotel and have a very superficial appeal. Clearly they won’t have a lasting impact on the traveler. So what impacts the ...Read More

Varkala – Tourist Destination

Varkala, the coastal town of Thiruvananthapuram district is one of the most enthralling tourist destinations. Located about 50kms North of Thiruvananthapuram and 37kms South-West of Kollam district, Varkala is house to the famous Papanasam beach. The holy beach or Papanasam beach is renowned for natural spouts which have medicinal and healing properties. ...Read More

Boring? Maybe, but necessary!

It’s all too easy to forget the important parts of a holiday when the excitement bubbles to the top and takes your common sense with it! Getting ready for a break can be stressful, because you have so much to remember and you’re probably working harder to try and get everything done ...Read More